Snjeguročka’s portrait done in guache and coloured pencil.

personal work - not to be used for anything without written permission from the artist

“Say ‘Nevermore'”, said Shadow.
“Fuck you”, said the Raven.
– Neil Gaiman.


Houses are built, homes cultivated.


An illustration done for the March edition of the Croatian Le Monde Diplomatique; Vinci, the French multinational company, took the spotlight for this article.


Head in the clouds, as per usual. Experimenting with pencil and digital collage. It started as a pencil sketch, ended up like this. Huh.


Falling into wonderland is a great incentive to play with colour pencils. For me, at least.


OK, London is swamped with bicycles and, despite not having proper bicycle lanes and everything being on the “wrong” side of the road, it really makes me want to get “out there” and get me one of those shiny two-wheelers. Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, bikes are a wonderful thing to sketch. Even in the rain! (Although my feet did not appreciate the gesture.)
I tried doing one as a linocut later on but didn’t have the time to properly finish it. The result is this chaotic, stained thing. It has soul, I guess. Or something. Whichever bicycles usually have. Despite my deep appreciation, I’m not all that privy to their little world.






The first linocut I did after years of not touching the stuff. As I’m pretty rusty with my approach to lino, I think it turned out okay. The original sketch was made during an editorial workshop where we had to, amongst other things, depict anxiety. There it is, in the flesh! Or paper, as it were.