A series of thirteen illustrations that depict a story about two girls, Eve (Eva) and Jelena, who love each other but are unable to be together due to a vicious hunting season that strikes Jelena down. This leaves Eve in mourning which, in turn, takes her back to the beginning, thusly trapping her in an endless narrative loop of intolerance she is subject to. The whole series is a metaphor for problems that arise in LGBTIQ relationships in heteronormative Croatia due to the fact that this community still lacks some rights in comparison to non LGBTIQ individuals.

Eve is a part of an ongoing project, which was self-initiated as a form of protest against the referendum held in Croatia back in 2013. that problematised gay marriage. The Croatian Catholic Church was, and still is, openly against it and in the end, more than 70% of Croatians have voted against gay marriage and for the definition of marriage to be constitutionally defined only as a union between a man and a woman. Afterwards, however, the government allowed LGBTIQ people to form civil partnerships thus making the referendum obsolete and only formally valid while seemingly appeasing both sides. However, this ordeal has, once again, put light on the fact that not all people in Croatia have equal standing. Croatia continues to problematise the issue.


The translation of the Croatian text, with explanations:

  1. Eve is a woman. (She) eat. Sleeps. Pees.
  2. Eve is wild and smooth and clean and she lives in a dollhouse. (She didn’t have a say in the matter.)
  3. The house is narrow and small, but she perseveres. (She tried to widen its walls, but to no avail.)
  4. After all, she was always her own pawn.
  5. Men think of her as a Cat, but she doesn’t care for them. (a/n: in Croatian it is common for men to call attractive women cats (mačka), the same way an Englishman would call them “dolls” or “chicks”)
  6. That is why they often peek into her house, silently, through the roof. Unfortunately, it’s not hitched.
  7. To soften the impact of the narrowness she is subject to, Eve grows a Forest of dreams.
  8. In fact, Eve likes to kiss Jelenas with big horns and soft hands. (a/n: Jelen – Croatian word for deer; Jelena – common Croatian name for women; JelenaS – plural form of Jelena)
  9. But… this year, her head has suffered, as have the heads of many, a fierce hunting season.
  10. Eve, therefore, doesn’t like blueberries anymore as they remind her of Jelena. Jelena is not here anymore. (a/n: in Croatian: Jelen – deer; Jelena – a girl)
  11. Nevertheless, Eve sometimes takes Jelena’s horns from the wall and puts it on her head. (Quietly, quietly, quietly)
  12. Eve is human. (She) eats. Sleeps. Pees.